For those who don't know I started to train my dogs for Obedience, working trials and agility from the age of about 20, but when I got my first Weimaraner in 1986 I was drawn into Gundog Training and with the help of Clubs and Individual trainers I learned what my Weimaraners were bred to do and most importantly how to listen to them and work as a team to produce game for the guns.

If you have an Ansona and they work, send me some photos and I can include them too.

This is the "old team" of Annie, Max, Zeus and Ginny

Cleo held on point

Cleo out on the shoot at 8 yrs old she knows her job!!

Zeus on point

Zeus retrieving a dead fox

Beth on point

Some of the beaters 08-09 season

Jasper....Just practicing!

Sun and Snow..............what more do you need!!

Cleo showing how its done

Stopping to pose

Cleo............doing the real thing!

Beth & Cleo my best working team!

Nigel stopping for a pose!!

Lunch for the beaters 09

Daisy joins the team!!

Visha (Daisy's sister) and Shirley out on the grouse moor.

Visha on the shoot Jan 2010